Winter Leagues are fun weekly doubles competitions, allowing you to meet new members and keep playing all winter long! Please kindly note that you have to be able to rally and serve consistently to take part in the leagues. The pairing is assigned according to a balanced formula, assuring you are playing with and against different players each session.

The scores (difference of games won versus game lost) are accumulated through the different weeks and the person with the most points at the end of the season (March) is crowned Winter League Winners for the year. Match are played in a friendly competitive spirit and are either timed or when a pair wins 5 games (no tie breaks at 4-4)

Read on for information about changes to social tennis in the winter and the start of Winter Leagues:

Saturday and Sunday social tennis:

All year: (January- December)

  • Saturday: 2pm-4.30pm
  • Sunday:  2pm-4.30pm

Thursday Social Tennis will be replaced by our internal winter leagues doubles competitions from October to March.

Monday Winter Leagues will also commence in October to March.

Each night is aimed at a different playing level, please note that the definitions below are not set in stone, but are broadly:

Monday nights

Ladders 7-15.  Players must be of a standard that they can rally in a doubles environment.

Tuesday nights

Men’s 5th team or higher, women’s 1st-2nd team and ladders 1-4.

On Tuesday night players will play 4 short sets of doubles (first to 5 games, tie break at 4 all), each with a different partner.  Points are accrued over the whole winter period and players compete for the ultimate prize, the ‘Champion of the Winter League’!  It isn’t necessary to play every week, but you will need to play a certain percentage to be eligible for the prizes.

Play starts promptly at 7pm, and players must arrive by 6.50pm so that the organisers can draw up the playing lists.  If you are going to be late you must let the organiser know, as otherwise they will give your place to somebody on the reserve list.  Play usually finishes by 10pm but occasionally runs later, you are expected to stay until you have played your 4 sets which may involve sitting out for a round depending on how the matches have been scheduled.

Thursday nights

Thursday winter league is for those who prefer a less competitive atmosphere, and is aimed at players from the men’s 6th team or higher, women’s 4th team or higher and ladders 1-10.

On a Thursday night players will play 4 x 30 minute timed matches, each with a different partner.  Points are calculated based on games won/lost on the night, and prizes are given at the end of the evening.  Sessions are often themed to spice up the winter nights!

Play starts promptly at 7pm, and players must arrive by 6.50pm so that the organisers can draw up the playing lists.  Play finishes at 9.15pm and players usually stay on to play social sets or have dinner/drinks in the clubhouse.

Sign up

Numbers are limited on each night, so to book your place online using you club account, bookings open one week in advance. If you sign up but then cannot play please cancel your bookings so another member can take your place.

Whichever night you play on you should get a good evening’s tennis, as everyone is given a ranking and your evening’s playing partnerships are based on pairing couples so that you end up playing against a similarly skilled playing couple.  Rankings are revised weekly and everyone moves up or down the ranks according to how well – or otherwise – they play.

New members please note – in some games you will be paired with players stronger or weaker than yourself, and an important part of the winter league tournaments is about developing your skills at supporting partners with different abilities.

Winter leagues cost £5 per person per night to cover lights and tennis ball costs.

If you have are uncertain as to whether you are eligible for a specific night, or have any questions about the winter leagues, then please speak to the organisers who are:

Roger Cowe or Kevin Balon