• Each ladder match will be the first to 9 games with a tie break at 8 all.
  • You will receive 1 point for each game won, 2 further points if you won the match and 1 point for playing the match i.e., the winner of the match would get 12 points.


At the end of the Ladder period:

  • The top 3 points scorers in each division will be promoted. Under certain circumstances people may get promoted more than one division if they have performed particularly well.
  • The bottom 3 points scorers will generally be relegated. This includes those who are injured or not able to complete the ladder session for other reasons.
  • If points scores are the same the order will be decided by the result between the players involved, followed by fewest games conceded, followed by games won.
  • Note: Promotions and relegations can also be dependent on the number of new entrants coming in to the ladder along with the numbers leaving.


  • People who do not play at least 3 matches will be eliminated from the next ladder session unless a valid reason (e.g., injury and confirmation they are now fit) is provided to the Ladder Organisers via the email at the bottom of this page.
  • If a player fails to play 3 matches in two consecutive Ladder sessions then they will automatically be dropped for the following session.


  • This will be via ‘Open Play’. A mail will be sent to Club members 3 weeks before the new Ladder Session with the Open Play link. Please ensure you are signed up to Club e-mails.

Other Rules:

  • The only way to gain points is to play the matches. No one is allowed to claim points for any reason e.g., for opponents not turning up, turning up late, opponents conceding beforea match etc. Please contact the Ladder Organiser should there be repeated issues regarding an opponent not showing up etc.
  • Once the first point of a match has started, if one person has to drop out due to injury etc then the other player can claim the match. The person dropping out is given the number of games he has won plus the one point for playing. The winner gets the 12 points. It is also allowable to complete the match another time if both players agree to that.

Score Entry

Any questions on the ladder then please mail the ladder organisers: