Opportunities for all at Highgate

Opportunities for all at Highgate

Tymofii and his brother Bohdan came to the UK from the Ukraine with their mother and their older brother.

Tymofii and Bohdan first came to Highgate tennis club for the Easter camps in 2022 and they have been at Highgate ever since. They attend squads every week; in April 2023 they both achieved their Tennis Leaders awards; in July 2023 they went with other Highgate juniors and their coaches to Wimbledon; and Tymofii is starting to do assistant work on the junior programme.

Tymofii and Bohdan had not played tennis before coming to the UK.

Bohdan says he likes the location of the club as it is near a forest, and has lots of courts. Tymofii really likes the club and wants to carry on playing tennis for as long as he can.

The boys are able to play at Highgate thanks to our Hardship Fund.

Supporting juniors like Tymofii and Bohdan is just one example of the work that we can do with your help. We recently set up a scheme exclusively for primary school children on free school meals, and in 2024 we are planning a group for refugee children.

There are various ways in which members can and have already contributed to the hardship fund and we are very grateful. Susan Paterson is still running her hugely successful fundraising drive with her moonballs video. Recent social events at the club organised by Chris Howe have raised money for the fund too. Please do keep giving however and whenever you can.

Ideally, we would like members to pledge a regular amount as that makes it easier for us to plan ahead. The target figure on the Just Giving page is a bit random – we are required to set a target but obviously we hope to raise as much money as possible for as long as possible and develop schemes which will confirm Highgate’s reputation as a truly diverse and inclusive club.


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Sheila Kavanagh

Chair, tennis committee