Brookside Tournament 2018

Brookside Tournament

Spring is here so it is time to think about the first big Tournament of the season.  The Tournament is held on our shale courts and everyone is handicapped according to a complex computerised algorithm such that anyone can win.

This year’s Brookside Handicap Tournament will start on May 19th and run until Finals Day on Sun June 10th.

Sign-up sheets are in the Club House  (you can also e-mail me – Please sign up by 12th May as the draw will take place on 13th May.

Entry fee as £6 per event.

You can also book and pay for your Brookside Tournament tickets via you club account. You will need to log into your Highgate club account on the following link:

To get a reminder of your clockworks login details – all you need to do is click on “forgotten password” and add your email address. You will be emailed both your username and password.

To make a booking:
.1. Select ‘Course Booking’ on the Member Account icon. This will display the all the courses at the club.
2. Select ‘Course Type’  and the ‘Tournament’.
3. Select ‘Book now’ and continue to payment.
4. If you would like to enter more than one draw, please repeat the steps above.

If you are using a mobile to make the booking (ensure you use portrait mode NOT landscape):

  1. Log in
  2. Select ‘Course Management’
  3. Select ‘Course Type’ then ‘Tournament’
  4. Select ‘Book Now’ and continue to payment
  5. Select ‘Pay Now to confirm’
  6. If you would like to book another tournament please repeat the above steps.

Note: partners are randomly drawn for the doubles events so no need to find someone.