Charity Tournament Summary 2017

The first Highgate Charity Tournament took place on Sunday 26 February. There were only 12 participants perhaps with others deterred by some Doris related winds. Nick SS and Matt M each had forgotten they were playing and Kate S kindly dropped out to make the numbers easily manageable, but they like Nicky and Sally D, made generous donations.

Jonny C and and new member, Andrew Durham won the final on a tie break, gaining the bottles of M&S (screw top) Prosecco donated by organiser Richard C, against Sue P and Garth, who had to settle for chocolate lollipops.

Thanks to all for their participation. I think a proverbial good time was had by all, even Elena took an unprecedented lowly position in great spirits, and Paula who is wondering how long it will be before her triumphant partner Andrew, to whom she has only recently introduced tennis, will have the better of her on court. Jason E, who was somewhat disadvantaged by being the second highest ranking player, Tim R, who was deeply concerned about the implications of Gift Aid on his massive tax bill, Julia, Juliette S, Bev and Rachel A all struck the right balance between a competitive tennis tournament and a good natured fund raiser, and no-one seemed very perturbed by the intermittent drizzle. It worked :-).

£165, plus about £30 Gift Aid, was raised for this year’s good cause, Smile Train International, which helps fix kids in poor countries with serious mouth defects.

Put a note in your diaries for the next year’s tournament on the last Sunday in February, come rain or shine, storm or calm.

Richard xx