Ladder report and new ladder (Jan – April 2016)

Congratulations to Antonio Agresta for regaining the King of the Ladder trophy for 2015 after a blip last year.  This is Antonio’s fourth King of the Ladder title.

Well done to the Divisional Winners for the Sept to Dec session:

  • Division 1: Antonio Agresta
  • Division 2: Paul Genault
  • Division 3: Rob Mead
  • Division 4: Sergio DeGaetano
  • Division 5: Sam Mazumdar
  • Division 6: Andrew Newton
  • Division 7: Jörg Willhoft
  • Division 8: Rachel Allison
  • Division 9: Elena Valarche
  • Division 10: Susan Paterson
  • Division 11: Jeffrey Townsend
  • Division 12: Colin Parker
  • Division 13: Kirk Macintosh

A big thanks to JonZ for continuing with the regular ladder score updates and statistics on the web site which are avidly read by most competitors. I have tried to keep most Divisions at around 9 or 10 players for this session given we are starting late; winter has kicked in and to provide a little room to include those people coming out of hibernation for the summer session.

New ladder can be found here.

A number of people who enter the ladder decide they want to drop out in the middle of the ladder period (e.g. due to injury), and then expect that they can reenter in the following session in the same Division.  This is not allowed.  Please read the Ladder Rules on the web site that are clear about this. I will allow people a 3 week period, from now, to inform me if they don’t want to be in the current ladder; after that you are in, so please decide now.


Richard –