Monday Winter League – Final Results

Not a great turn-up. Just 14 members for the final nights play and receiving the final results!

Week 17 results 29-2-16

The Final Nights Ranking

Paul moves back to the top and Gerard for the first time moves to second place.  And Jeff and Sally move up to their highest positions this year!

Final Results and other information about our Winter Tennis Tournament

Thanks to Roger for running the evenings, and thanks to Amy and Chanya for hanging around till late on Monday evenings providing food and drinks, despite having not so many customers?

Monday Winter League 3 Monday Winter League 2


Last year 38 members gave Monday night a try and this year it was just 30 members.  5 members this year hadn’t played with us before and interestingly 3 of them  have been in the top h half of the rankings!  Last year only 13 out of the 38 members turned up enough qualify for the tournament but this year 20 of the 30 members turned up enough to qualify for the tournament.  Last year there were 23 potential playing evenings and 5 evenings were cancelled because of rain so we only played 18 weeks.  But this year was our shortest year ever, down to just 17 weeks because of the court re-building work, but amazingly we played every evening!

Most Dedicated members

Okay, so there has been 17 night’s play. Roger has played for 16 weeks and contributed £80 to the club. But, same as last year, only one member attended for all 17 evenings and contributed £85 to the club and that’s Richard Caira.

Most Improved Players!

One new member for Monday nights this year moved up 5 places and that is Peter.   BUT, the “OFFICIAL Most Improved Players” are those that played both last year and this year.  So, only one player has moved up 3 places and that is Paul.  And three members have moved up 4 places and that is Jeff Vicky and Marta. One member has moved up 5 Places and that is Sally   One member spent most of last year at position 11 out of 24 and this year she has moved up 7 places to position 4 and that’s Julia.

Now The Main Tournament Prizes

Last year only 13 out of the 38 members turned up enough qualify for the tournament but this year only 8 members did NOT turn up enough evenings so 20 members turned up enough to qualify for the tournament.  We know there’s a bit of confusion between the ranking and tournament points but one of the nicest aspects of the winter League is that you do not have to be the highest ranked player to win, but you DO have to be consistent with winning your games, even if you start in a low ranking position.  This year we made a slight change so the scores are based on points per game rather than points per match – because the timed matches mean that people play a different number of games.

The men’s section

So this year in men’s third place, winning an average of 53 percent of all his games is Tim. In men’s second place, winning an average of 54.48 percent of all his games is Paul. And the men’s first place this year (AND in the second overall place) winning an average of 54.58 percent of all his games –  that’s JEFF!!

The women’s section

Sheila might have won or been second place but she just played 6 weeks so didn’t qualify!! So – In third women’s place, winning 50.62 percent of all her games – that’s Liz. In second women’s place, winning 51.93 percent of all her games  – that Marta.

In the First women’s place (AND the winner of the whole tournament) winning 57 percent of all her games – that’s SALLY

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