New ladder season – September to December 2016

Well done to the Divisional Winners for the May-August session:

  • Division 1: Antonio Agresta
  • Division 2: Jack Luscombe
  • Division 3: Phil Halliwell
  • Division 4: Matt Morphy
  • Division 5: David Kerr
  • Division 6: Russ Clapham
  • Division 7: Phillip Barnes
  • Division 8: Andrew Holt
  • Division 9: Birgit Curtis
  • Division 10: Geraldine Bear
  • Division 11: Chris Siva-Prakasam
  • Division 12: Gerald McGrath

All results can be found here and September to December’s ladder can be found here. Follow the ladder tracker for more info also and the current ladder can also now be viewed from the homepage of the website.

A great performance by divisions 6 & 10 where all matches were played. Speaking of which; I am getting quite a few complaints about people not playing their matches and thereby skewing the promotions etc to the few people that that they do play. Unimaginable as it sounds; some people appear to put other things in their lives as a higher priority than the ladder! I am removing people out if they play fewer than 4 matches unless they have a very good excuse.

Division 12 is a little short of players but we hope to get some new ones in the next 2 weeks.

Please read the Ladder Rules on the web site that are clear about this. I will allow people a 3 week period, from now, to inform me if they don’t want to be in the current ladder; after that you are in, so please decide now.

Any questions then please e-mail me.