SCHOOL COURTS WORKS: To All Members and Users of Highgate Cricket and Tennis Club

During the work, which will take up to three weeks, (until Sunday 15th August) there will be no parking outside the Highgate tennis courts and no non-emergency access from the gate at the oak tree (opposite the Holly Park site), which will remain closed for the duration.

For the most part pedestrian and cycle access will be available through the site. Please note that it may be necessary for cyclists to dismount at busy times and we may have to temporarily close this access when the contractors are moving machinery or working with hot tar. Camps will continue, plus essential deliveries.

All members and users are encouraged to walk or cycle to the site where possible especially at busy times. and players are encouraged to access the Club via the gate in the corner of the cricket pitch.

For the safety of all, please be aware that, for the duration of these works, this will be a construction site with the attendant health and safety issues involved.

The General Committee