Highgate tennis

Changes to the court schedule

Important changes to the court schedule for the summer, court availability during the holiday camps (7th-19th April) and what’s on this weekend (4th-6th April)

1. Summer court schedule changes:

This weekend marks the start of our summer court schedule, with the following changes taking place:

  • Weekend social tennis is now from 2pm – 6pm every Saturday and Sunday.
  • Tuesday and Thursday social tennis starts next week on the main courts from 7pm onwards.  Please note that in the event of bad weather the main courts will be shared with the coaches.
  • A number of weekend AEGON and Middlesex Cup matches will be taking place over the coming months – the courts will be busy during these times so please bear this in mind when planning when to play.  Details of the matches coming up each weekend will be communicated via the weekly newsletter.
  • If in doubt look at the court schedule for more info.
  • The winter Wednesday evening court bookings have now come to an end.

2. Day time court availability during junior Holiday Camps 7th – 19th April:

  • Junior holiday camps are scheduled for the next 2 weeks 10.00am – 4.00pm
  • Courts 1 and 2 and Brookside are reserved for members use
  • The camps are allocated 7 courts (4 school courts and 3 main courts) however, if no members are playing they may use additional courts
  • Note that after 1.00pm more courts will be available so afternoons are better for ladders and practicing
  • If you turn up and are having difficulty finding a court please speak to Dinal the Camp Head Coach.

3. What’s coming up this weekend/next week:

We have our first AEGON match of the season this Saturday 5th April, when our U12 girls take on Hackney on the school courts at 4pm.  This is the first time we have had a junior girls team for a number of years, so please show them your support.

Team selection is coming to an end, and the school courts will be allocated for coaching and team practice sessions for the next 3 weeks on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  The following teams will get priority at these times:

  • Tuesday 7pm – 8.30pm: Men’s 1-3
  • Tuesday 8.30pm – 10pm: Men’s 4-6
  • Thursday 7pm – 8.30pm: Women’s 4-6
  • Thursday 8.30pm – 10pm: Women’s 1-3

Teams should contact the coaches directly if they want to book them for these practice sessions.