Thursday Winter League Shenanigans

A December quasi-scientific case study choreographed by Sarah and Christine found serial abuse of Tequila prompted serial nonsensical utterances about its extraordinary effects on his tennis. Case in point: Andrew H.

The Drink was involved in last night’s escapades. It was found that Whistle Blower, having downed two-thirds of a bottle of Red at lunch was capable of no more than 12 games and repeatedly experienced limb stiffness, causing him – during one all-important point – to topple, legs locked onto his hands while failing to cause any change in momentum of the ball. On another hand, our regular Thursday Red Wine Imbiber, who serially derides his prowess on court, Richard C, was Man of the kNights, on 16. This may come as a shock to his constitution as a baseline forehand unleashed by Susan P caused his on-court tipple to topple.

It was a cold night last night. Most of our Fairweather Friends of seven days ago fled for the comfort of their hearths, and likely Goblets of Red, leaving the freezing fingers of just ten to fend off the elements.

The average number of games won was 13.1, and games won: 16, 15, 14, 14, 13, 13, 12, 12, 11, 11.

We welcome New Comer, Gareth, to the fold.

Lady of the kNight was Julia, 14 games, who kindly will organise next week’s shenanigans, as Whistle Blower will be away, lake skating in Scandinavia.