Tuesday night winter league update

22 people turned up for the festive session, 23 December which turned out to be eventful:
  • Mark Ross received a red card and 3 week ban for cheating when he recorded an incorrect score
  • Phil tried to upgrade his image with a festive Santa hat.  I think the jury is still out as to whether this was successful.
  • Richard R had to carve turkey left handed after a blistering ground stroke from Adam took out his right arm
  • Nick Finley was yellow carded for gamesmanship with commentary throughout most of his sets such as:
    • “This is a tough one.  We’re not going to get many games here”
    • “John/Adam/Nicky.… have been playing so well let’s hope they take pity on us in this one”
    • “we’ve got two games so far.  I never expected that many”
    • Nick then proceeded to walk away with 24 points
  • Louise is the Christmas number one.
Note: Winter League will continue throughout the xmas period with the next session on 30th December.