Tuesday Winter League Finals Night 2017

It was a nail-biting, edge of your seat, climax to the Tuesday Night Winter League as Antonio and Roy went head to head for the trophy. Roy ended up with 20 points on the night and Antonio 16. A 4 point advantage to Roy would have been enough for him to win the trophy but only if the score had been 24 to 20. The complexity of the scoring system meant that a 4 point advantage to Roy in a lower scoring total was not going to be enough and in fact with Antonio getting 16 it actually meant Roy needed 22 points.

Note: there is no suggestion that Antonio gamed the system in his first match when he actually partnered Roy and they lost 6-3.

So a big congratulations to Antonio for winning his fourth Winter League Title. This was celebrated with a rousing, but less than tuneful, rendition of the Italian national anthem from Matteo; Francesco and Antonio!

Roy had to settle for the second place prize with Louise winning the Michelle Cook Award and Tamir winning the commitment and dedication award. The Winter League Sports Personality of the Year award was very deservedly won by Nicky who is always a pleasure to play with and against and is a regular in the bar afterwards. Also a big thanks to Nicky for running nearly all of the Tuesday Winter League evenings.

Finally a massive thanks to Amy and Chanya for being there for us at the end of the evening.

Final results are below and here is the full list of Winners and some interesting statistics:

Winter League Champion 2016/17: Antonio

Runner-up: Roy

Michelle Cook Award: Louise

Commitment & Dedication Award: Tamir

Most Improved Player: Not awarded

Highgate Winter League Sports Personality of the Year: Nicky

2015/16 Season Statistics:

Weeks Played: 21
Rained off: 2
Number of participants: 41 (the same as the last 2 years)
Average people per week: 14.76
Average points per person per week: 19.21 (the highest ever recorded)