Winter Team Matches

Winter team matches are starting this week, and every Wednesday courts 3 & 4 are reserved for home matches from 7pm onwards.

Please note that as we have been given a high number of first round home matches this year, there will also be matches on courts 3 & 4 on Mon 29th Sept and Tues 7th Oct.  Full details are on the court schedule.

If you are interested in playing team tennis this winter then please speak to one of the team captains:

  • Mens 1 – Chris Sullivan
  • Womens 1 – Sarah Holmes & Kirsty Godwin
  • Womens 2 – Jane Sumner & Cristiana Falaschi
  • Mixed 1 – William Winstone
  • Mixed 2 – Christine Bonathan

We also have two winter vets teams, and these matches are played on Sundays (home matches start at 1pm).  If you are a man 45+ or a woman 40+ and are interested in playing vets tennis, then the team captains are:

  • Vets 1 – Liz Berryman
  • Vets 2 – Linda Almond