Mixed 1 vs Barnet 1 Results. And what a battle it was….

And what a battle it was…

Antonio had great form on serve. Straight out of Wimbledon, landing front foot forward, powering from the legs.

Natalie, generating cracking rotational power from the hips to make the opponent sweat.

Julian, building points and fighting for every ball, refusing the opponent the satisfaction of a lob.

Laura pulling the strings against the poachers and firing winners into the gaps .

An excellent match to watch against difficult opponents. The opposition fought tooth and nail for every point and so did we. Overall we went down 2 sets to 6, a great result to get four much needed points.

Our last match for the season is against Coolhurst 1 at Coolhurst on 26 Feb. A win will secure our spot in div1.

If anyone is free to go and support, please make sure to head down to cheer our guys on, it will be some good tennis for sure!

The team is:

Tom M & Lou

Julian & Nicky