Brookside Finals Day 2017

Brookside Finals day was a big success with a large and boisterous crowd enjoying a feast of Tennis.  A very big thanks for Tim and Marta for laying on some wonderful refreshments and people took great advantage of the drinks and food available.  It is traditional for the umpires to be given a drink after performing their duties but this year a number of them were drinking whilst in the Chair! This led to some less than professional conduct with Roy; umpire of the mens singles; slow handclapping Tom as he struggled down from the chair to check another mark in the Womens Singles and Adam continuously dropping his pen and getting the mens doubles players to help search for it.  However the players took it in good heart and corrected any incorrect scoring.

The results are available in the links below.  Many thanks to everyone who helped make this a very successful Tournament and congratulations to all the winners.

There were a few special awards:

Longest Match – Nick Harvey/Tricia v John A/Maureen went to 6-7 6-3 10-8.  Unfortunately only Tricia was at the presentation to receive the accolades as apparently the others were still recovering (although it was a first round match!).

Most Organised Award – Antonio is undoubtedly the most organised competitor, ensuring that all matches are scheduled on time.  If only everyone was the same! We have backdated the award for the last 5 years.

Good Grace Award – A big thanks to Francesco for pointing out that the Computer had probably got his singles opponent ranking totally wrong and getting on with organising his Plate match with no fuss.  Very occasionally the Computer does make a mistake!

Here are the main draw attachments: