Brookside & Social Tennis Updates

Summer Ladder and Brookside Registration Closing Soon

Please book Brookside before Sunday 2nd May

Please book your place in the Summer Ladders before Wednesday 5th May. 

You have to register to play the next ladder session even if you are currently playing the latest ladders.

Please book both activities here

Changes to Thursday Social

Social has been very popular lately, thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm! We would like to make sure everyone is taking full advantage of the sessions offered by the club!

We would like that all participants for Thursday social have some double experience and are able to rally and serve consistency.

We would like to encourage beginners to join Friday Beginners Social. Lucy Dean, our Director of Tennis, will be present to help and advise you, completely free of charge.

If you are unsure which session is best for you please ask Lucy during the Friday evening social.

Please book Friday social here

See you at the club!

Highgate Tennis