Clubhouse security & keys!

We have noticed quite a few times recently that the club house has been left unlocked and un-alarmed when not occupied. Unfortunately, this is a massive risk to our security and the safety of the club house and its content.

We have had a few minor break-ins recently and other local clubs including Hanley and North London CC have been targeted. This is linked with a bit of an upsurge in anti-social behaviour in the Cot area which has led to thefts of personal items and minor incidents with people working in the area.

We must ask that anyone who has keys and is actively using them to please ensure the club house is locked and alarmed properly if you leave it unattended. Please DO NOT leave it unlocked and un-alarmed for someone who does not have keys or does not know how to use the alarm as this poses a risk to our security. The rule is simple, if you open up the club house do ensure that it is closed, secured properly and alarmed before you leave. Also, remember that if the club house is not locked and alarmed and we are broken into, we are uninsured!

The General Committee will be looking at reviewing our policy regarding access to keys and the club house as we have had too many incidents recently where our security has been at risk.

We’d really appreciate everyone’s co-operation in this and if you have any questions about this email please contact Richard Tusting –

Kind regards
Highgate General Committee