Highgate Annual Summer Tournament 2022

Highgate Annual Summer Tournament 2022

Summer’s here and it’s time to find this year’s champions. 3-set tennis, club glory and trophies up for grabs!
Sign up time is now. Good luck and see you on court.

Womens and Mens Singles
Womens and Mens Doubles
Mixed Doubles

Open to all club members (juniors 13+ years: each is an open event where juniors and adults will be playing competitively with and against each other).

Open to all club members – Book here

When making your doubles tournament booking in Open Play ensure you ‘check / update details’ (green button on the right side of the page where ‘Attendees are added to booking’). Add your double partner’s name and LTA number there.

Adults £8 per entrant per event.
Juniors £4 per entrant per event.

Coaches enter for free when partnering a junior (email us).
Plate event available for all first matches lost. (You will need to sign up separately for each of the plate events).

Important Dates:

Important Dates:
22 Aug 2022 Entries close
20 Aug 2022 Tournament start
17 Sep 2022 Finals Day
18 Sep 2022  Back up Finals Day

Play By Dates: (Updated)

Men Singles – by 3rd Sep.
Men Doubles – by 6th Sep.
Lady Singles – by 6th Sep.
Lady Doubles – by 6th Sep.
Mix Doubles – by 3rd Sep.

Quarter Finals: 11 Sep

Semi-finals: 16 September

Doubles Partners
Please sign up with a partner for the doubles events. If you don’t have one, then please email us on the address below and we will try to pair you up with others looking.

If you would like to help out or be an umpire on finals day, then please let us know.

For all other details please see the website https://highgate-tennis.co.uk/summer-highgate-tournament/ (soon to be updated)

Liu, Carl and Jeffrey



Useful Information:

Draw – once published, you can view it here

Balls – please bring your own, apart from Semis & Final matches where they will be provided

Format – 3 sets with 7-point tie break (we suggest sudden death deuce on the second deuce and/or a competition tie break at one set all if a long match).

Can’t play the next round – Circumstances change, if you know you can’t play the next round, get to match point and then concede the match, so your opponent gets the chance to play on.

Coinan the Destroyer returns – if both sides have made a strong attempt to play their match without any luck or didn’t enter their results by midnight on the Play By Date, then it will be decided by the flip of a coin.

Contact List – you can find all members (please contact us for juniors details) on the contact list here

Plate Tournament – If you lose in your first round and if you have elected to go in the Plate match, you’ll find the draw here. (once published)

Pairs – Please sign up as a pair. If you are looking, let us know and we’ll try and match you with someone else who is looking.

Scoring –  The server should call the scores at each point to avoid confusion over long games.

Line calls –  Call your side of the court. Give your opponent the benefit of doubt; IF IN ANY DOUBT, IT’S IN.

Warm Up: Do it like the pros and keep it under five minutes.


Questions or Comments? Please email your team on HighgateSummerCompetition@gmail.com