Highgate Annual Club Championships 2022

The draws are out. Good luck to all who are participating.

Main Draw:

Plate Draw:
(to follow when links when available)
Important Dates:
28 Aug 2022 Plate Entries close
17 Sep 2022 Finals Day
18 Sep 2022  Back up Finals Day

Volunteers: If you would like to help out or be an umpire on finals day, then please let us know.

Contact: Liu, Carl and Jeffrey

email: HighgateSummerCompetition@gmail.com

Useful Information:

  • Balls – please bring your own, apart from Semis & Final matches where they will be provided
  • Court Booking – for tournament matches only, main courts 1-4 are available a week in advance.
  • Format – 3 sets with 7-point tie break (we suggest sudden death deuce on the second deuce and/or a competition tie break at one
    set all if a long match).
  • Can’t play the next round – Circumstances change, if you know you can’t play the next round, get to match point and then concede the match, so your opponent gets the chance to play on.
  • Coinan the Destroyer returns – if both sides have made a strong attempt to play their match without any luck or didn’t enter their results by midnight on the Play By Date, then it will be decided by the flip of a coin.
  • Contact List – you can find all members (please contact us for juniors details) on the contact list here.
  • Plate Tournament – For those losing their first match and have entered. Draws will be available soon after the first round is played.
  • Pairs – Please sign up as a pair. If you are looking, let us know and we’ll try and match you with someone else who is looking.
  • Scoring –  The server should call the scores at each point to avoid confusion over long games.
  • Line calls –  Call your side of the court. Give your opponent the benefit of doubt; IF IN ANY DOUBT, IT”S IN.
  • Warm Up –  Do it like the pros and keep it under five minutes.

Questions or Comments? Please email your team on  HighgateSummerCompetition@gmail.com