Highgate Mini & Junior Tennis Development Programme

Monday 12 September to Sunday 11 December- 12 weeks

(No coaching in half term Monday 24th to Sunday 30th October  –  we will have Tennis Camps)


Squad levels Day & Time Price**
Blue 4-6 years Mon 1600 – 1700 £150.00
Red 6-8 years Mon 1600 – 1700 £150.00
Orange 8-9 years Mon 1600 – 1700 £150.00
Green 10-11 years Mon 1700 – 1800 £150.00
Yellow 12 years + Mon 1700 – 1800 £150.00
Blue 4-6 years Mon 1600 – 1700 £150.00
Red 6-8 years Mon 1700 – 1800 £150.00
Blue 4-6 years Wed 1600 – 1700 £150.00
Red 6-8 years Wed 1600 – 1700 £150.00
Orange 8-9 years Wed 1600 – 1700 £150.00
Green 10-11 years Wed 1700 – 1800 £150.00
Yellow 12+ years Wed 1700 – 1800 £150.00
Blue 4-6 years Thur 1600 – 1700 £150.00
Red 6-8  years Thur 1600 – 1700 £150.00
Orange 8-9 years Thur 1700 – 1800 £150.00
Green & Yellow 10+ years Thur 1700 – 1800 £150.00
Blue 4-6 years Fri 1600 – 1700 £150.00
Red 6-8 years Fri 1600 – 1700 £150.00
Orange & Green 10-11 years Fri 1700 – 1800 £150.00
Blue 5-6 years Sat 09:00 – 10:00 £150.00
Red 6-8 years Sat 09:00 – 10:00 £150.00
Orange 8-9 years Sat 09:00 – 10:00 £150.00
Green 10-11 years Sat 10:00 – 11:00 £150.00
Yellow 12+ years Sat 10:00 – 11:00 £150.00
Inclusive Tennis (10&u and 11+ years) Sat 12:00 – 13:00 more info here
Blue 4-6 years Sun 09:00 – 10:00 £150.00
Red 6-8 years Sun 09:00 –  10:00 £150.00
Orange 8-9 years Sun 10:00 – 11:00 £150.00
Yellow 12+ years Sun 10:00 – 11:00 £150.00

** Prices will be pro rata from start date


Overview of the Youth Tennis Programme and Levels:

Never held a racket? No problem, our specially trained LTA Youth coaches will adapt to each individual, to help bring out their best in a safe, secure environment. All kids need to bring is their creative energy, because the programme is designed to grow as they do. Smaller courts and softer balls develop into the real deal as they pick up all the skills and know-how they need.

It will take your youngster to the next level; you’ll see it in their confidence, their skills and even their concentration at school. Not to mention keeping them fit and active. Add some healthy competition to teach them about good sportsmanship (because we all have bad days) and you’ve got a set of skills for life.

The Youth Tennis Programme is a great introduction to the sport for young children between 5 and 10 years old. It’s just like the real thing, but with smaller courts, nets and rackets and lower-bouncing balls. The low compression balls used in Youth Tennis are slower and lower bouncing making it far easier to learn the game. Yellow ball is using the regular tennis balls and a full size court.

There are five levels of Youth Tennis; Blue, Red, Orange, Green and Yellow each with their own court size and type of ball. This tailored approach, based on age and physical maturity enables players to develop vital skills and techniques at an early age.

Blue: 4-6 years
Red: 6-8 years
Orange: 8-9 years
Green : 10-11 years
Yellow: 12+ years

Please see the Highgate Performance Tennis (HPT) timetable for more information on performance squads.

Children attending our junior courses must be club members. Club membership is £47 for the year for children in our HT (Youth Programme), £47 for children under 10 years in HPT and £80 for children over 10 years in HPT. The membership year runs from date of purchase.

Please see junior terms and conditions  here.

Purchase membership here

All LTA Youth courses are compliant with COVID-19 guidelines for playing tennis

Full booking details below or email Tracey for more information coaching@highgate-tennis.co.uk 07530 425871


How to make the membership payment and HT course bookings.

It is a 2 step process and membership must be purchased first:

  1. Junior Membership
  2. Course Booking for this term


  1. How to purchase the junior membership subscription (HT):

Click on the following link to purchase HT junior membership. Children in the development program need HT Junior Off Peak Membership which is £47 per child

You will need to register with Open Play. Our direct debit provider is GoCardless – membership payment will be taken in 5 to 7 days.


Once you have purchased the junior membership you can then register for the courses. Course bookings need to be done AFTER membership has been purchased. When you are booking the course make sure you select your child’s name / membership as only juniors with a junior membership can book onto the course. If you don’t select your child/ren’s name the course will show as full.

How to book the course:

First ensure you are not already signed into open play anywhere. If so logout first.

  1. Go to ‘Online Bookings’ on the club website: ‘Book a Junior HT course’ or use this link: https://www.openplay.co.uk/mega/173/945
  2. Select the course you want to make a booking for.
  3. Login using your username (email address) and password (to get a reminder of your password use this link: https://www.openplay.co.uk/embed-my-account/945)
  4. Select the juniors (sub) account that is displayed when you log in – select the junior then  ‘use this account’ (green button)
  5. Select the membership ‘use this membership’ (green button)
  6. Continue onto payment – ADD VOUCHER CODE ON PAGE WITH TERMS & CONDITIONS – Sibling Discount Voucher code only for juniors attending HT courses. Code: SIB2CRTENNIS
  7. SECOND CHILD – Log out of Open Play, follow the above steps for the second child
  8. On Completion of your Booking the reservation will show under your Bookings in your Open Play account.
  9. You will also receive a confirmation email for your booking.