Ladder report & new ladder Sept – Dec 2015

Congratulations to the Divisional Winners for the May-August session:

  • Division 1: Antonio Agresta
  • Division 2: Julian Schwartz
  • Division 3: Paul Wheeler
  • Division 4: Adam Piece
  • Division 5: Graham Sandford
  • Division 6: Roo Collins
  • Division 7: Jesper Dannesboe
  • Division 8: Francesco Giulliani
  • Division 9: Paul Coldwell
  • Division 10: Liz Stokes
  • Division 11: Susan Paterson
  • Division 12: John Fudge

The ladder results, new ladder, ladder rules and contact list are all available on the Highgate Web Site.   Also a big thank you as always for JonZ for keeping us up to date with the scores on the Highgate Ladder Tracker.

The role as ladder organiser is not an easy one.  For the new session we have had an increase in participation of nearly 12%. Of those new participants 70% are of a middle division kind of standard. I’ve therefore had to reorganise those middle divisions and have added an extra one.  I know I won’t have kept everyone happy with the changes but hopefully you will understand the difficulty of doing this.

A number of people who enter the ladder decide they want to drop out in the middle of the ladder period (e.g. due to injury), and then expect that they can reenter in the following session in the same Division.  This is not allowed.  Please read the Ladder Rules on the web site that are clear about this. I will allow people a 3 week period, from now, to inform me if they don’t want to be in the current ladder; after that you are in, so please decide now.

Any questions then please e-mail me.