Ladder September to December 2017

Well done to the Divisional Winners for the May-August ladder session:

Division 1: Antonio Agresta

Division 2: Richard Sarfo

Division 3: Richard Rogers

Division 4: Roo Collins

Division 5: Tom Crossley

Division 6: Adam Sharples

Division 7: Franklin Harris

Division 8: Gareth Jones

Division 9: Sue Ellam

Division 10: Michael Edwards

Division 11: Kevin Balon

Division 12: Glenda Marchant

Full results can be found here

September to December ladder is here.

Follow the ladder tracker for more info. It can be viewed from the homepage of the website.

There are many new entrants in the ladder for the autumn session.  Many of these are at the division 6/7 level so I have added a new division in at this level.  For the new entrants details and rules of the ladder can be found here.   The link to the membership contact list also can be found here.

If you decide you do not want to be in the current ladder then please let me know by end of September so I can remove you. After the end of September you will be active for the whole ladder session irrespective of injuries etc.

Any questions then please e-mail me.