Monday Night Winter League final

A nail biting finish!

One point either way would have made the difference but Sheila Kavanagh is the winner of the 2018-19 Monday Winter League. Her excellent play through the season is also demonstrated by moving up 11 places in the rankings, which is probably a record.

It was a fine season – literally as we didn’t lose a single evening to rain, frost, snow or anything else. Over the 18 weeks,

42  people played (last year 32) including  11 who hadn’t played before. The average was about 19. And 19 turned up often enough to qualify for the tournament (last year 17).

This year we decided to create an award for the person who most represents the spirit of Monday night. We’re calling this the John Fudge award, because John did just that, playing competitively but with humour and tolerance of others, and running Monday nights for many years before retiring this year.

We made the award (unfortunately in his absence) to Kevin Balon, who laughs a lot, enjoys himself and helps us all to enjoy the evening, and he’s recruited several new people to Monday nights.

Winner: Sheila Kavanagh

Runner Up: Gareth Jones