New membership renewal process

This year we have introduced a new membership renewal process using OpenPlay and Gocardless to set up all adult memberships on an automatic renewal basis.

Renewal will be by annual direct debit on the anniversary of your initial payment date. Before the renewal date you will be emailed a reminder that the payment is due.

If you want detailed guidance on how to use OpenPlay and Gocardless to renew your 2019/20 subscription please click here. This will walk you through the steps of the process using screenshots to illustrate the process.

Membership Renewal Fees

There are 3 payment windows:

  • Up until 15th April – Early Bird Discount available. You can renew at last years rate. ONLINE ONLY
  • 16th April – 30th April – 2019/20 subscription rates (no joining fee).
  • 1st May onwards – New Members Fee (rate will include a joining fee).

If you do not pay your subs by the 30 April it will be presumed you have left the club and you will not be allowed to enter the Wimbledon ticket ballot, play in the ladders, the Brookside Tournament or play for the club’s teams.

If you then want to rejoin the club you will need to join as a new member and pay an additional joining fee.

This is illustrated below:

Membership Early Bird Renewal Rate

Mid March – April 15th

Online only

2019 Renewal Rates

April 16th – 30th April – 2019 Rates

New Member Fees

Renewals from 1st May onwards

New Members

Full adult membership fee (age 35-65 years) £320 £340 £370
Young Adult (under 25) £160 £170 £185
Young adult (25-34 years) £240 £255 £275
Student (with NUS card) £160 £170 £185
Student – Out of Town (with NUS card) £80 £85 £85
Senior (age 65-69 years) £215 £230 £250
Senior 70+ £160 £170 £185
Family – 2 playing adults £660 £695 £755
Family – 1 playing adult £340 £360 £390


How to renew your membership subscription:

1. Depending on when you are renewing select the appropriate link below:

  • Renewing between 18th March and 15th April click here (Early Bird Renewal)
  • Renewing between 16th April and 30th April click here (Standard 2019 rates)
  • 1st May onwards, you will need to purchase a new membership. Click here

2. Select the membership subscription that you want to renew/purchase.

3. Click ‘continue’ once you have checked this is the correct membership subscription.

4. Sign into Open Play – Your username: is your email address, if you don’t know your password use the ‘Forget your Password?’ link. Remember your to use the email address that the club sends the weekly newsletter to.

5. Enter your details and follow prompts to continue through the process and set up your direct debit and complete payment.

If you have difficulty with paying in this way, please contact Tracey, our Club Administrator, on 07530 425 871 or email