Social Tennis

Social Tennis

Several members have asked me to clarify some of the basic principles behind social tennis so that everyone can continue to enjoy it.


Social tennis is the heartbeat of Highgate and embodies our welcoming and inclusive approach to all members (and beyond). Its purpose is to have fun and to share our enjoyment of the game with people we know and with newcomers, in a friendly, relaxed manner.

Making it work

Here are some reminders:

  • On arrival let people know you’re looking for a game and are waiting your turn to play.
  • It can be very helpful for longstanding / experienced members to take a lead in organising four’s. This can involve matching stronger players to play together, or mixing up standards to get a balance of games during the afternoon or evening.
  • Talk to new members and find out a bit about them and their level of play – welcome them into your four and accept that sometimes the four may not be as balanced as you would like.
  • At Thursday social, one of the coaching team joins into social and helps organise the 4’s.
  • Come off the court after every set to mix in again, and check if others are waiting, whether on the bench or in the clubhouse. If people are waiting to play have a tie break at 5-all.
  • Politeness and consideration.
  • No swearing (whatever the language), shouting or racket throwing.
  • Bring the balls off the court if no-one is following straight on.
  • If you want to hit as a pair, or play a competitive singles, please use the school courts or be ready to immediately vacate with good grace, or make up a social 4. Social tennis always takes priority on the allocated courts.
  • For more information on our Court Etiquette follow this link.

Highgate has a decades-long tradition of support for social tennis, and we would like to make sure it continues.

William Winstone

Tennis Chair, Tennis Committee