Highgate Tennis Ladder Results Sept to Dec 2018

Well done to the Divisional Winners for the September-December ladder session:

Division 1: Antonio Agresta

Division 2: Toby Dutton

Division 3: Martin Wray

Division 4: John Edwards

Division 5: Alex Hardman

Division 6: Steven Scott-Robson

Division 7: Kevin Broadbent

Division 8: Luke Ballard

Division 9: Kevin Balón

Division 10: Liz Stokes

Division 11: Jane De Lozey

Division 12: Anna Kondratieva

Division 13: Michael Robinson

Also congratulations to Antonio Agresta who is the 2018 King of the Ladder!

September to December ladder results and all previous results can be viewed in the ladder tracker.

Just to clarify a rule regarding defaults. It is not allowed to claim/receive defaults in matches if they are not played.  Matches must be played to receive any points.  The only exception being if you start a match and one person then becomes injured or cannot continue for other reasons.  The injured player would then record the number of games he has when the match is stopped and the other player is granted the win.

If you decide you do not want to be in the current ladder then please let me know by end of Jan so I can remove you. After the end of Jan you will be active for the whole ladder session irrespective of injuries etc.

Any questions then please e-mail Richard: Richard.rogers@dsl.pipex.com