May to End of August Singles Ladder

Highgate Members Only

The new ladder registration is now open. We are asking all members to register for the new ladder session even if you are already playing in the current ladder.

Note:  If you do not get an email confirming registration then you are not registered and you should contact to determine what has gone wrong.

Registration closes on the 30th April. If you are in the current ladder session then please ensure that you have played 3 matches to be considered for the next ladder session.  The current ladder session will end midnight on Sunday, 30th April.  

Reminder: As previously mentioned, with the expected increase in numbers joining the ladder for the Summer season and in an effort to keep Divisions to a maximum of 10 people, this will mean that more than 3 people are likely to be relegated from many Divisions.

Any other questions regarding the ladder can be directed to:  

Please sign up here

More details about the ladder can be found here

Richard Rogers & Kevin Balon,

Ladder Organisers