Ladder Update September 2019

Well done to the Divisional Winners for the May-August ladder session:

  • Division 1: Antonio Agresta
  • Division 2: Ian Windle
  • Division 3: Rob Hartel
  • Division 4: Sam Chesher
  • Division 5: Jeffery Shiu
  • Division 6: Rachel Allison
  • Division 7: Steve Revill
  • Division 8: Mariella Gallo
  • Division 9: Chris Eager
  • Division 10: Rafi Kuperberg
  • Division 11: Baldo Del Principe
  • Division 12: Fiona MacLennan
  • Division 13: Pavel Markiewicz

I have had to reorganise the bottom divisions and add an extra one as there are 10 new people coming in at this level so apologies if they do not look quite as expected

Please remember, I give people 4 weeks from the ladder being released to anyone dropping out if needed. After the 13 October you will be active for the whole ladder session irrespective of injuries etc.

Previous ladder results can be viewed here. The current ladder can be viewed  in the ladder tracker or downloaded here.

Just to clarify a rule regarding defaults. It is not allowed to claim/receive defaults in matches if they are not played.  Matches must be played to receive any points.  The only exception being if you start a match and one person then becomes injured or cannot continue for other reasons.  The injured player would then record the number of games he has when the match is stopped and the other player is granted the win.


Any questions then please e-mail Richard.