January to End of April 2024 Singles Ladder

The September to December 2023 ladder session will end 10.00pm on Sunday, 31st December. 

The closing date to register for the next ladder, running January to April ladder is 7.00pm 31st December 2023.

Please register here: https://highgatecltc.clubsolution.co.uk/?hold=14557

More details about the ladder and the rules are found here:

Note: Booking confirmations are sent from the email highgatecltc@clubsolution.co.uk. If you do not see a confirmation email after booking, please do the following before contacting us:

  • Check your email/spam junk folder
  • Check the Drops & Daily Camps Tab.  If registered the booking will be shown there.
  • Check your booking system account profile to ensure the email confirmation tick box is checked  “Please send me booking confirmation emails”.

If not please contact:  info@highgate-tennis.co.uk

Any other questions regarding the ladder should be directed to: highgateladder@gmail.com.  


Richard Rogers & Kevin Balon,