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Brookside Tournament 2023 – Registration closed


Dear Members,

Brookside 2023 is now open for registration! All Levels Welcome!
Please book your place here:

Registration closing on April 21st

Brookside Tournament will be held from 29th April to the 21st May.
You need to have plenty of availability in order to ensure you can play your tournament matches on time and of you have to be available on finals days (21st May). In case of bad weather on the 21st May, the 28th May is our backup finals day.

Play Format
Brookside is a tournament where every player has a different rating meaning it is possible for anyone to win!
We offer singles and doubles (incl. mixed) and the partners are randomly assigned providing a great opportunity to meet new members.
Should you play against the club best players you may be starting every game with an advantage and your opponent having minus points!
We also offer a Plate Tournament, should you lose the first round, you will be put in a brand new tournament with your fellow first round losers, ensuring at least 2 matches per event.
Please only sign up for the plate once you have lost your first round match (or second round if you have a bye).

2022 Winners

Our Defending Champions are:

Women Singles: Hannah Lury
Men Singles: Zachary Kernberg
Women Doubles: Megan Green & Sarah Burke
Men Doubles: Benjy Barron & Ron Moscona
Mixed Doubles: Brenda Maragh & Razvan Remsing

Women Singles Plate: Allison Cary
Men Singles Plate: Ardu Vakil
Women Doubles Plate: Kim Slater & Brenda Maragh
Men Doubles Plate:  Bartu Akcaba & Sergio de Gaetano
Mixed Doubles Plate: Rachel Lock & Ralph Werhle



Richard Rogers & Kevin Balon,

Brookside Tournament Organisers