Brookside Handicaps & Plate


To work out your handicap, please first look which letter has been assigned to you in the document on this link.

!!!There are THREE tabs!!!
!!!There are THREE tables!!!
Thank you so much!!!

Then use the appropriate sheet that will determine your handicap by using the relevant sheet below:

  •  Men & Mixed here
  •  Women here
  • For men’s and women’s doubles please use this sheet to determine your combined ranking

For example:

Serena is an A and Maria is a M. Please use the women formula, search for the correct line and you will see that each game will start at -30 for Serena and 30 for Maria.

Please ensure you start serving on the correct end, for example if the handicap is 0 – 15, please start serving on the advantage side.


The plate sign-ups areopen on 30 April on openplay, please register using the following links:

Booking link

Website booking link

The plate is a brand-new tournament bracket composed of  the first round and prelim round losers.

For doubles, both your partner and yourself have to enter and you cannot get a new partner, so both of you have to agree to enter the plate together.