Brookside Tournament 2023 – Draws

And here are the links to the Brookside…

Brookside Handicaps & Plate

HANDICAPS To work out your handicap, please first look which letter has been assigned to you in the document on this link.

Brookside Draws are ready!

The Tournament will run from Monday 10th May until Sunday 6th June.

Brookside Care

About to play? Invest 5 minutes in watering - for better grip and a more even bounce.

Brookside Tournament Draws Ready!

The wait is over and the Brookside Draws are all out and ready! We have received a fantastic number of entries this year, more than 200, so adjustments have to be made to make sure all the matches get played.

Brookside 2020 – Registration open

Brookside Tournament is now open for club members registration on open play.

Brookside Tournament Draw 2019

The 2019 draw was carried out last night to a packed Club House.…

Brookside Tournament 2019

Spring is here so it is time to think about the first big…

Brookside Tournament Finals Day 2018

With nine finals played on the day there was plenty of tennis…

Brookside Finals Day – Sunday 10th June

From 10am until 5pm. From midday food and drink is available…