Brookside 2020 – Registration open

Brookside Tournament is now open for club members registration on open play.

To register: follow this link

Entries are £5 for adults members per event and free for our Juniors! (Only Juniors aged 12+ may enter)

Please register before Wednesday 17th June midnight!

What is Brookside?

  • Brookside is our very own Roland-Garros! We have singles and doubles (incl. mixed).
  • The whole tournament is handicapped which makes it possible for anyone to win regardless of your level, for example every game might start from -30/30 meaning one player needs six points to win a game and the other player needs 2 points to win a game.
  • Every match has to be played on our famous shale courts.
  • For the doubles, you are randomly allocated a partner which makes it a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and create new memories together!
  • Exact play formats and rules to be confirmed soon.
  • Due to covid-19, we will require you to bring your own balls for this year’s event.

When is Brookside?

  • Brookside will start on Saturday 27th June for 3 weeks, the last day of the tournament would be Sunday 19th July.
  • Due to the covid-19, beyond not being able to go on holidays, we are also not able to allow match spectating or hold a finals day, so the finals will be played “under closed roof”.

Why should I join?

  • It is competitive tennis with a fun and friendly vibe!
  • Meet new members and make new friends!
  • It is handicapped, anyone can win!
  • There is a cup per event!

See you on the shale very soon!Highgate Tennis Committee