Brookside Tournament Draw

We did not advertise the timing of the Brookside Draw this year following a request from Chanya and Amy.  They find it difficult to get enough bar staff to serve both the big Draw crowds and the junior cricket parents. However the Draw was carried out in front of a good crowd who had turned up on the off chance and watched Nick Finley and Richard Rogers perform the rituals.  There are a number of interesting partnerships and matches (my top pick is the singles match between the two shale court specialists and veterans – Duncan Stroud and Rob Mead).  We have only published the Mens Singles and Mixed draws so far as these are the largest and need to get organised asap.

The draws:

Brookside Mixed

Brookside Mens Singles

Brookside Mens Doubles

Brookside Womens Singles

Brooside Womens Doubles

The Brookside Handicapping Computer is up and running and will hopefully produce the handicaps in time for the start of the Tournament .

We have a lot of matches to be played so please ensure you read and follow the rules and guidelines below:

  • If you plan to play your match before the official Tournament start date (19 May) or outside regular tournament hours then please contact me two days beforehand to get your handicap ranking (or make your own up for the match).  
  • Play by dates are shown at the top of each draw.  These are the latest dates that each of the rounds need to be played by but please don’t wait until near the play by date, play them as soon as possible. 
  • If people are away any of the weekends then please ensure you organise your matches well in advance of play by dates.
  • There will be a court booking sheets on the noticeboard at the Clubhouse by Tuesday night.  Please sign-up for a court once, and only once you have agreed a time with your opponent(s).  Don’t book assuming they may be able to play as this means others may miss out on a court.
  • There will also be Plate Competitions for first round losers and the sign up sheets will be in the Clubhouse (note: there have to be at least 4 entrants for the plate for it to take place. 
  • Unfortunately we always end up having to eliminate a few people from the Tournament due to them not meeting play by dates.  This is obviously very frustrating for them as well as us.  Please ensure that you get on top of organising each of your rounds as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  Don’t wait for your opponents to call you! Members contact details are available on the web site and at the Club.
  • We will update the web site periodically with results but the most up to date copies will always be in the Clubhouse.

Brookside Fee Payment – £6 per event.

There are 2 methods for you to pay your Tournament fee:

  1. Preferred method – By online Bank Transfer:

Please identify payment with your surname and ‘BRK’

Highgate C & LTC

Sort Code: 20-58-51

Acct Number: 40472743

  1. Second Method:

You can pay Cash to Richard Rogers; Nick Finley; Committee members and other respected members of the Club (I’ll let you decide!) who are willing to take your cash.

Please ensure they make a note of your payment.

Please pay promptly as it is a pain for everyone to have to chase.

Hope you all have a great Tournament.

Richard Rogers & Nick Finley