Brookside Tournament Draws Ready!

Brookside Tournament Draws Ready!

Hello Everyone,

The wait is over and the Brookside Draws are all out and ready!

We have received a fantastic number of entries this year, more than 200, so adjustments have to be made to make sure all the matches get played.

Brookside Dates

Tournament will run from Saturday 27th June until Sunday 19th July.

Brookside Draws

This is the link to access the draw

Play by dates are shown at the top of each draw. These are the latest dates that each of the rounds need to be played by but please don’t wait until near the play by date, play them as soon as possible.

Unfortunately we always end up having to eliminate a few people from the Tournament due to them not meeting play by dates. This is obviously very frustrating for them as well as us. Please ensure that you get on top of organising each of your rounds as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Don’t wait for your opponents to call you!

Handicaps – link in email sent on 23 June.



Please use this formula to work out your pairing combined ranking (except mixed).

Once you have obtained your personal or team handicap, please use the following formulas

Men & Mixed



Serena is an A and Maria is a M. Please use the women formula, search for the correct line and you will see that each game will start at -30 for Serena and 30 for Maria.

Please ensure you start serving on the correct end, for example if the handicap is 0 – 15, please start serving on the advantage side.

Due to Covid, we are unable to keep the formulas and ratings next to the courts, so please either keep the links handy, or work out your handicaps before your matches.


There will also be Plate Competitions for first round losers, please email us at the following email address if you would like to participate:

Member contact list

Please use the contact list on the website to find everyone contact details

Court Booking

Please book a court through our court booking system

As we have received more than 200 entries, the courts will be exceptionally busy, please do not book more than 1h30 and please note that the Brookside courts should ONLY be used for tournament matches during the tournament period.

We would also like to ask of everyone to be patient and please let players finish their matches without disturbing them even if you have booked the court.

Please note that during the tournament, from Wednesday 24th June onwards, we will allow Brookside participants to book a Brookside court only up to one week in advance.

If you are playing in the evenings, please book either from 6pm to 7.30pm or from 7.30pm to 9pm. Please do not book outside of these slots. A lot of matches have to be played and this allows 6 matches to be played each evenings.

We would also request that you keep all warm-ups as short as possible, an hour and half slot goes very quickly.

Please make sure to cancel your booking, if your match gets rescheduled as we really need all the possible play opportunities over the next weeks. Follow this link for guidance on how to cancel a court

Play Formats

  • Regular Deuce
  • Best of 3 sets
  • At 6-6, no tie-break, the winner of the 13th game wins the set
  • If tied at one set all, please play a very short third set. Third set is won at 2-0 or clear of two game, 3-1, 4-2…
  • Please bring your own balls (due to covid)

Court Maintenance

Please water the courts before playing if necessary and please use the dragging nets at the end of play. Please also note that courts will need maintenance and repairs at the end of each day, please be understanding and allow the work to be done.


Please email your scores to Richard and Kevin at:

Please indicate your score clearly in the email title for example:

Serena beat Maria 6-0/6-1

Please also use this email address for any questions about the tournament itself. Please note that we cannot help regarding the booking system and your openplay account.

Social Media

Due to covid-19, we cannot unfortunately have a finals day or allow spectators at matches. In order to share the Brookside joy (and despair…), could you please send us some social distant selfies of your matches? Please send everything to

Best of luck for the tournament and see you very soon!

Richard & Kevin