Summer Highgate Tournament

We had a great 2021 tournament cluminating in a fantastic finals day with a barbecue, Pimm’s and strawberries & cream. A big thank you to everyone who helped out, and well done to all our winners! Pictures from the finals day:


Summer is here along with our annual tournament – 2 years in the making!

Important Dates


  • 22nd Entry is closed
  • 25th Live Draw Social from the Clubhouse – come down and enjoy in the thrilling excitement and tension to see who you’ll be initially battling against. Sign-up and join in for free – click here
  • 28th Tournament start date


  • 3rd First Round of Men’s Singles play-by-date
  • 8th First Round of all Draws (apart from Men’s Singles) & Second Round of Men’s Singles play-by-date
  • 12th Round of 16 play-by-date
  • 17th Quarters play-by-date
  • 18th Semis Day
  • 19th Finals Day

The following weekend will be a back-up if there is bad weather

  • 25th Back-up Semis Day
  • 26th Back-up Finals Day

Semis & Final Days

Semi-Final Day: 18th
Starting at 9am
  • Women’s Singles Plate
  • Men’s Singles Plate
Not Before 10:30am
  • Women’s Singles Main Draw
  • Men’s Singles Main Draw
  • Women’s Doubles Plate
  • Men’s Doubles Plate
Not Before 12:30pm 
  • Women’s SIngles Main Draw
  • Men’s Singles Main Draw
  • Women’s Doubles Plate
  • Men’s Doubles Plate
Not Before 2pm
  • Women’s Doubles Main Draw
  • Men’s Doubles Main Draw
Not Before 4pm
  • Mixed Doubles Main Draw
  • Mixed Doubles  Plate
Finals Day – 19th September
Starting at 11am
  • Men’s Main Draw
  • Men’s Plate
  • Women’s Main Draw
  • Women’s Plate
Not Before 12:30pm
  • Men’s Main Draw
  • Men’s Plate
  • Women’s Main Draw
  • Women’s Plate
Not Before 2pm 
Mixed Doubles
  • Main Draw
  • Plate
Please note
  • “Not Before” means we hope to start at the stated time BUT it will not start before that time, though might start AFTER that time
  • You will not be required to play back to back matches, we will ensure you have a 30 minute break
  • Balls will be provided
  • If you are 15 minutes late, you will be disqualified,so please arrive early
  • The BBQ will start at 2pm and run during the afternoon – buy your tickets here, they will be almost double the price at the end of the week
  • The Summer Tournament Dance Party will start after the Winning Ceremony


Main Draws

Plate Draws


Draw – once published, you can view it here

Balls – please bring your own, apart from Semis & Final Days where they’ll be provided

Format – 3 sets with 7-point tie break

Court bookings – if you’re going to be playing a Summer Highgate Tournament match, then you can book 6 days ahead of your match.

Contact List – you can find all members (please contact us for juniors details) on the contact list here

Plate Tournament – If you lose in your first round and if you have elected to go in the Plate match, you’ll find the draw here.

Pairs – you can sign-up for the doubles without having a partner, your Summer Highgate Tournament team will match you at random, exciting, yes?

Can’t play or didn’t enter your results – if both sides have made a strong attempt to play their match without any luck or didn’t enter their results by midnight on the Play By Date, then it will be decided by the flip of a coin.

Scoring –  The server should call the scores at each point to avoid confusion over long games.

Line calls –  Call your side of the court. Give your opponent the benefit of doubt; if in any doubt it’s in.


Questions or Comments? Please email your team on