Thursday night winter league finals

Last Thursday marked the sad end of this seasons Thursday winter league.

Thursday night-ers embraced the ‘wear what you wear to bed’ theme with their usual enthusiasm. Luckily there were no arrests for public indecency and one of the hottest contests of the night was the battle of the best outfits.

The decision went to the wire between Ozzie who played 5 sets in his slippers and dressing gown, and Ben Turner who turned out on a chilly evening wearing  mini shorts and ‘Tinsy’ dressing gown ….in the end the legs had it!  We have the photos to prove it!

The tennis was a rather less competitive battle between sleeping beauties and wee willy winkies who attempted to hit each other off the court playing  with wooden rackets,  losers paying the price with tequila slammers between sets.  Francesco had his first Highgate win with the sleeping beauty award and Ian W triumphed as the wee willie winkee of the night!

Trophies were awarded based on a carefully controlled poll with some acceptance speeches worthy of a Oscar much to the entertainment of the assembled crowd.

Awards as followed:

  • Best bromance – Ben T and Ozzie
  • Most improved player – Tim
  • Best on court partnership – Donny and Christine
  • Thursday night award – Jon Z and everyone who participated (because you were all good humoured, supportive, positive, great to play with and fun!)

Special thanks to Steve Scott Robson for the long hours he spent getting us organised and to Chanya and Amy for their fab food and keeping the drinks flowing particularly on party nights staying up well beyond the call of duty.

Sarah Burke