Social Tennis

Hello Highgate!

Social is back for members!  It starts this Saturday 17th April (2 to 4.30pm) Sunday 18th April (2 to 4.30pm) and Thursday 22nd April (7pm to 9pm).

The goal of social is to allow members of different and similar levels to play and meet each other in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Each session will have a designated organiser so if you haven’t done it before, please let the organiser know and they will make sure you are in a group of a similar level.

Social is also a great opportunity to practice in your team pairs! Just let the social organiser know before play starts.

Bookings open a week in advance and will close the day before. Please book here

We also have a whatsapp group where we will announce which courts are reserved for social and who organises the session, please join using the following link:

We are looking forward to playing with everyone!

The Highgate Social Team