Team Trials

Team Trials

The inter-club league Summer season is nearly upon us. Last season most teams cemented their league spots with a couple winning and/or earning league promotions. We are looking forward to another competitive season. If you are keen to play for one of the Highgate teams then please read the information below.

This season we are entering:

  • 5 womens and 5 mens teams in the Middlesex Summer League (played weekday evenings);
  • 1 women’s and 1 men’s national team (played weekend daytime);
  • 1 mixed cup team (played weekend daytime).
Team selection trials for all those who want to play will be taking place in the later part of March. The teams are open to all members, but you will need to have an LTA/BTM number.

The trials will generally take place in the evenings 7:00-9:00pm (please check individual session times) over two weeks, commencing 20 March 2023. You will need to attend at least one of these sessions to be eligible for a place on a team. The sessions will be coach lead with some warm up, drills and play. It is preferable and advantageous to come in your playing pairs. If you don’t play in a pair, then now is the time to get looking: ask around the club and arrange to play together at socials. It takes a bit of time and often a few different people to find a good match. If you are not having any luck, then contact either of us and we can try and put you into contact with others looking.

The sessions cost £10 and are as follows:
  • Mon 20/03 7-9pm – Teams 3-5 (courts 1-4 & A – capacity 20) – Book here.
  • Thurs 23/03 7-9pm – Teams 1&2 (courts 1-4 – capacity 16) – Book here.
  • Fri 24/03 1.30-3.30pm – Teams 3-5 (courts 1-4 – capacity 16) – Book here.
  • Tues 28/03 7-9pm – Teams 1&2 (courts 1-4 – capacity 16) – Book here.
  • Tues 21/03 7-9pm – Teams 3-5 (courts 1-4 & A – capacity 20) – Book here.
  • Weds 22/03 7.30-9.30pm – Teams 1&2 (courts 1-4 – capacity 16) – Book here.
  • Fri 24/03 7-9pm – Teams 3-5 (courts 1-4 & A – capacity 20) – Book here.
  • Mon 27/03 7-9pm – Teams 1&2 (courts 1-4 – capacity 16) – Book here.

Please only book one session so that as many people get a chance to attend as possible. If there are spare places, then you are welcome to join at the last minute. For those that cannot make any of these sessions, then please let Sally or Jeff know and they can look to find an alternative arrangement. Also if you are unsure which session to book, please ask us.

In addition, could you please fill out this short questionnaire. This is important information to help us get the team mix and size right.

If you have any queries please contact:

Things to look for in a doubles partner:
1. the most important is you need to get on and be able to talk honestly and freely and most of all have fun playing together;
2. consider your attitudes to playing (more aggressive, more consistent);
3. do your styles of play complement each other (baseline, net, combination);
4. do you have a similar level of competitiveness;
5. between the two of you, do you have a balanced set of skills.