Winter team tennis 2018

Winter team matches will start at the end of September. We have 6 teams in the Floodlit League and home matches will take place on courts 1 and 2 on Tuesday evenings.

We also have 2 winter vets teams, and matches are played on weekend afternoons. Men 45 and over and women 40 and over are eligible to play in the vets team.

If you would like to play please contact the captains – see contact details below.

If new members are keen to play in the teams but are unsure which level is best, they should speak to Sally Darling or Sergio De Gaetano.


Middlesex Winter Floodlit League:

Men’s 1: David England –

Men’s 2: Duncan Stroud –

Women’s 1: Kirsty Himpfen-Jones-

Women’s 2: Sally Darling –  & Tracy Fowler-

Mixed 1: Roy Maybury-

Mixed 2: Rachel Allison- & Matt Morfey-

Middlesex Winter Knockout Cup- Mixed Top players – captain TBC (volunteers please!)

Vets 1: Liz Berryman-

Vets 2: Jill Russell-