Highgate Tennis is OPEN for Restricted Play

Online Court Booking is LIVE. To book please go to the Online bookings bar on the navigation bar at the top right hand corner of our website .

Please read the below information and guidelines on Highgate’s Return to Restricted Play:

PHASE 1 – A thorough risk assessment has been carried out of all potential COVID hazards for coaching and open play. 

Please note that there is obviously still some risk associated with coming to the club, like virtually all activities, at the moment. Individuals must decide whether to take risk, and must remember that the committees cannot warrant, if you will excuse the legal language, that you will not contract COVID-19 at the club. Please only come if you are prepared to accept the risk.

What’s happening?
  • All 12 courts are open – Club courts, School courts & Brookside Courts.
  • Booking is available at 8am the day before to be pre-booked through the club’s online court booking system.
  • The Coaching Team are running 1-1 coaching only at this time.
  • Clubhouse is closed.
  • Singles Play only, or Doubles permitted between members of the same household/family.
  • No guests or non-members allowed.
What opportunities do members have to play?
  • Adult, Family & Junior HPT Members can book 1x 60 mins session per day to play singles only. The other player can be a member of a different household.
  • Adult & Junior Members can book a 60 mins 1-1 with one of the coaching team. 
Guidelines to Play
  • DO NOT play if you should be isolating on the basis of Government guidance.
  • You must have a pre-booked court to play, DO NOT turn up and walk on to court without one.
  • Please arrive for your booking on the hour, DO NOT arrive early as its important that the previous booked players have time to leave the court safely. Allow others to leave before you enter the court – wait away from the gate.
  • Please vacate the court 5 MINUTES before the hour.
  • You MUST mark your tennis balls with your initials. DO NOT touch other people’s tennis balls, use your racket or foot if you have to.
  • WASH or SANITISE your hands before and after play. Please bring your own hand sanitiser if possible. Follow public health guidelines for hygiene.
  • Remain a minimum of 2 METRES away from your playing partner at all times and avoid talking to each other near the net for long periods. No shaking of hands or physical contact with other players.
  • Avoid changing ends or change at opposite sides of the net.
  • DO NOT touch the gates, benches or nets – if you do please wipe down the surface and wash/sanitise your hands afterwards.
  • BRING your own equipment (racket, balls & water).
  • Only the 2 players are allowed on the tennis court (one player for coaching), anyone else should not hang around the courts, if a parent/guardian is present then please wait off court.
  • If you make a booking and then are unable to play – PLEASE CANCEL due to the high demand.
  • Please use SEPARATE Entrance/Exit Gates for the courts to minimise close encounters with other players. 
For any questions, please email info@highgate-tennis.co.ukIf you have not renewed your membership or are looking to join please email membership@highgate-tennis.co.uk. It is important to note that all staff are currently on furlough, so there maybe a little delay in dealing with all enquiries.